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Z-Club |zē kləb|

·  an inspired, irreverant, and irrascible group of readers dedicated to enjoying and discussing the written word.
·  an open forum gathering at Zoot Coffee every fourth Monday, to drink coffee and engage in lively discourse.


Meeting Recap: May 21, 2012

Dear friends and fellow enthusiasts of the joy to be found between two covers of a book...

The inaugural meeting of Z-Club was a grand success! Thank you to all who attended; and to those who couldn't—we hope to see you next time. Meanwhile, a few lines to recapture the essence of Monday night:

(1)  Z-Club will be an "open forum" book club. For four weeks leading up to the next meeting, the current book title will be posted at the cafe, and also online. Like the book? Read it and come. No cliques. No commitment. Just a month to month venue for anybody and everybody who wants to join in a lively discussion of an interesting read.

(2)  Book titles shall be chosen based on their timeliness, relevance, and most of all, their ability to provoke independent thought and healthy debate. Books may be fiction or non-fiction.

(3)  Meetings will be relaxed in format. The evening's "leader" will initiate the discussion with a question, impression, or statement; thereafter, anything goes. We optimistically believe that common courtesy and self-restraint will be sufficient to govern the ensuing discourse.

(4)  Aside from a few minutes at the start to grab refreshment, and a few minutes at the end to select a new book title and leader, the lion's share of each meeting will be dedicated to the unabashed exploration of the book at hand. Meetings shall run a minimum of 1 hour. Maximum to be determined by our collective patience.

(5)  The next meeting will be on Monday, June 18, at 6 pm. Once again, the book: How Pleasure Works, by Paul Bloom.

Coffee awaits.